Signs Your Sump Pump or Garbage Disposal Need to Be Repaired

The sump pump and the garbage disposal are two components of a house that most homeowners don’t give a second thought to. However, if either of these two devices breaks down on you, it can make your life at home quite inconvenient. The following is a guide for homeowners to signs to look out for in case their garbage disposals or sump pumps need to be repaired or replaced.

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs to Be Fixed

  1. Bad Smells

If there is a nasty odor coming up from your garbage disposal, it could be a sign that it is no longer breaking up food well. When this happens, the unbroken pieces start to rot. This causes a nasty smell after a while. Any smells that linger in your garbage disposal need to be investigated and could be a sign it needs to be repaired.

  1. Weird Noises

If your disposal is grinding sounds or other odd noises you have not heard it make before, make sure to call a plumber to get it looked at.

  1. Leaks Water

A leaky garbage disposal definitely needs to be repaired. You may be tempted to ignore a small leak, but make sure to get it checked out by a plumber as it could be a sign of serious problems with your disposal.

  1. Jammed

Of course, if your garbage disposal is jammed, you obviously need to get it repaired. Don’t keep running the motor to try to get the disposal to work if it is jammed. Doing so could burn the motor out and force you to buy a new unit.

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs to Be Fixed

  1. Repeatedly Turns on and Off

If your sump pump frequently turns off and on repeatedly, there is likely something wrong with it. This is usually a small problem that can be fixed easily by a plumber, but you need to get it fixed so that your sump pump doesn’t suffer unnecessary strain that will burn it out quickly.

  1. It Runs for Long Periods of Time

Sump pumps that work properly should not run for very long. A sump pump that is working right will not take long to pump the water out. If your sump pump seems to run for several minutes every time it turns on, it could be a sign that it needs to be repaired or you simply need a more powerful model.

  1. Excessive Noise

While all sump pumps make noise, they should not make excessive noise. You should know how your pump sounds during normal operation. If your sump pump suddenly starts making noises it hasn’t made before or it is louder than it was before, you should get it checked out by a plumber.


It is important for homeowners not to ignore problems with their sump pumps and garbage disposals. Doing so will only let the problems get worse. If you get it checked out as soon as you notice there is a problem, the chances are that you can get the problem fixed without having to get a new unit.