Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe and Effective?

clogged drainDrain cleaners are easy to use and affordable for all homeowners. Before you buy this product, know the advantages and disadvantages, even if you use it for only a few times. Find out if liquid drain cleaners are safe and effective to use in your household.

Sales Are High

Liquid drain cleaners are effective because these products are sold every day in stores. The level of effectiveness depends on several factors. The chemicals are acidic and designed to be strong enough to clear most clogged drains but not all drains. Some clogs must be removed manually and cannot be dissolved by chemicals only.

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Why Does the Water Pressure in my Shower Drop When I Flush?

water pressureIf the water pressure of your shower decreases when you flush your toilet, it’s almost always because of one of these three issues:

  • Your shower has a pressure-balancing mixing valve
  • Your pressure reducing valve is on the wrong settings or broken
  • Issues with your bathroom piping


By looking at just how much the water pressure in your shower goes down, you can pinpoint the exact issue.

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Are Disposable Wipes Really Flushable?

toiletLet’s Talk About the Term “Flushable”

Have you ever thought about why wipes need to be marketed as flushable? That’s like food being marketed as edible. Shouldn’t a product’s use be fairly obvious? What does the term flushable really mean? Does it mean that wipes won’t cause clogs in pipes? As the term isn’t regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, it could mean practically anything depending on who you talk to. Since wipes are known to cause clogs, it is safe to say that flushable doesn’t mean clog-free.

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Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing

leaky pipeFrozen pipes are one of the most common wintertime plumbing issues. They are a problem all by themselves because they prevent you from getting water. However, when a pipe thaws out, it can burst. This can cause damage to your home. The good news is that there are things that you can to prevent your pipes from freezing.


Open Your Cabinet Doors

One of the key things that you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing is to keep the warm air circulating to them. That is why you will need to open your cabinet doors. If you store cleaning supplies under your sink and have small children in the home, then you will need to remove them before you open the cabinet doors.

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How To Check For Water Leaks

water leakChecking for Water Leaks

Most people may think that it will be pretty obvious if they have a leak in their home plumbing. While a leak may be evident by a puddle of water under a pipe or a dripping faucet, sometimes leaks are out of sight and a lot of time can pass without anyone noticing. If you suspect you may have a leak, or would like to check for one for your own peace of mind, here are a few steps you can follow before calling a professional.


Check your Water Meter

Turn off all the water in your home and then find your water meter. If your meter has a leak detector to show water flow you can find out immediately. If not, check it once and then check it again in an hour or so when you aren’t using water to see if the meter has changed. If water usage is indicated when you aren’t using water, you have a leak.

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Four Ways To Reduce A Household’s Water Bill Through The Use Of Innovative Plumbing Technology

plumbing technology

With the cost of utilities on the rise, many homeowners are continually searching for ways to reduce their monthly living expenses. One of the easiest ways to reduce utility costs and do something good for the environment is to replace any outdated plumbing fixtures with new designs, as they are made to provide performance while minimizing excess water waste. Here are four ways a homeowner can upgrade their home and decrease their monthly water bill.


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Signs Your Sump Pump or Garbage Disposal Need to Be Repaired

The sump pump and the garbage disposal are two components of a house that most homeowners don’t give a second thought to. However, if either of these two devices breaks down on you, it can make your life at home quite inconvenient. The following is a guide for homeowners to signs to look out for in case their garbage disposals or sump pumps need to be repaired or replaced.

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Water-Wise Innovations for Small Spaces

innovationsFor a growing number of people, tiny houses and other types of small living spaces are becoming an attractive option. Many middle-aged adults want to create affordable, independent homes for their aging parents. Young adults site both economic and environmental concerns when choosing a tiny house. Ever responsive to market needs, the home goods industry has begun to manufacture scaled-down appliances and fixtures that are both energy and water efficient.

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